I. Buss & Company

Jennifer Busch and her father StuartThey’re inside your favorite restaurant and out in the streets. They stand inside doorways and sit behind desks. They are in the sky and far below ground. They’re everywhere.

Since 1892, I. Buss Uniforms has been outfitting the staffs of buildings, members of the New York Police department, soldiers during World War I, ushers at the Metropolitan Opera and Lincoln Center, Coca Cola drivers and scores of other employees and city workers.

Stuart Busch – whose grandfather founded I. Buss – has been in the business for 50 years. He knows a thing or two about dressing a building staff. Over 75 percent of I. Buss’ business is with residential and commercial real estate, and covers over 1,000 buildings. In today’s competitive real estate market, the design of the lobby or hall is often intertwined in the way the house staff looks. Each creates the mood conveyed to potential owners and current residents.

According to Jennifer Busch, Stuart’s daughter and the fourth generation to be involved with I. Buss, there is a renewed focus on uniform design as a differentiator and selling point. Among many of the developments that Jennifer has brought in is the new uniform redesign for the Empire State Building. For a uniform that is destined to become part of the signature look of that iconic building, Jennifer personally took on the design project.

Most buildings will buy a few different styles to fit each season. A uniform has to be functional, not too flowing or lightweight or too tight enough that it cuts into the wearer or is too snug. The staff shouldn’t be cold in the winter or hot in the summer.

From their 24th Street showroom, the talented tailors and craftspeople at I. Buss design, supply, tailor and maintain each outfit…all made right here in New York City.

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