The Isaac Liberman Public Service Awards

In 1958, the Association established its program to recognize outstanding New York City career civil service employees for dedication well beyond their job description, measurably improving efficiency and quality of service to New York City residents and workers, and for significantly enhancing the prestige of New York City in the eyes of the public.

Named for the Association’s founder, the Isaac Liberman Public Service Awards symbolize the close partnership between the New York City private sector and city government. Individual cash awards range from $6,000 to $1,000.  All nominations include a written endorsement by agency heads and winners are selected by the Association’s Awards Committee.

Award sponsors join the Mayor and commissioners in presenting their awards at City Hall and are honored as part of the Association’s Governor’s Council. To join The Hundred Year Association in honoring these exceptional career municipal employees, please contact the Association or call 212-922-0791.