Past Awardees


As a recipient of an award or scholarship, winners have become a part of the select few who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to their careers, academics, and communities. We hope to hear about all of their accomplishments, goals and, how their award or scholarship has made a difference in their career and life.

The Alumni Winners Club is a group in which our winners can share, grow, and connect with fellow scholars and award winners. We would like to help our recipients stay connected and build upon their success.

Amy Barrett seen here with former Mayor Ed Koch as she is presented with her scholarship award at the annual ceremony.

“Having been presented with my scholarship by Mayor Koch himself, I’ve always had a special affinity for him as he was the first public figure that I’d ever personally met.His friendliness and the ease with which he spoke coupled with professionalism and intelligence was something that struck me that day at City Hall many years ago.  He was the epitome of a New Yorker and will be sorely missed. As an Attorney, my career has been primarily based in Civil Litigation.  I’m presently with a firm where I’m afforded the opportunity to combine a sense of compassion with tough advocacy skills through my work in the areas of Matrimonial/Family Law and Trusts & Estates.”

-Amy Barrett
Chair of the Alumni Committee
The Hundred Year Association

Here are a few words from our 2014 class of scholars…

“I consider myself very fortunate to have crossed paths with the Hundred Year Association and to have the blessing of benefiting from the donors’ generosity over the years.

-Bryant Ly

University of Southern California 15′

College Scholar Award 


  “After I graduate from the University of Pennsylvania this year, I plan on attending graduate school to study public health and learn how to increase access to health services for all New Yorkers. Because of this scholarship, I will also be able to save up more resources for graduate school.”

-Victoria Ng

University of Pennsylvania 15′

College Scholar Award 


Being a recipient of the Issac Liberman Public Service Award gave me a sense of fulfillment, I was finally recognized for my work on and off duty. It truly means the world to me and makes me want to continue my volunteer efforts for as long as I can.  I cannot thank the association enough for honoring me with such a prestigious award.”

-Mohammad Akram
Traffic Supervisor
NYC Police Department
Public Service Award

“The Hundred Year Association scholarship allows me to pursue my academic goals, while also encouraging that I intertwine those goals with what I love to do non-academically. I just completed working for an internet tech company in Jerusalem, Israel, and will be studying in Copenhagen, Denmark for the fall semester. There I will be studying   Biotechnology, and will be taking three art classes. At Brown University I am in Harmonic Motion, college hill’s hottest co-ed a capella group, and by far it is my proudest accomplishment at school. I’m a huge proponent of the arts and am hoping my time studying in Copenhagen will help my appreciation grow even more.”

-Jake Moffett
Brown University ’15
College Scholar Award

“This past year, I was the lucky recipient of one of the 100 Year Association’s generous scholarships for children of civil servants. With a little extra money in my bank account, I realized that I didn’t have to work a part-time job as rigorously as I had done in semesters past. Having been afforded newfound time, I was able to focus more intensely on my studies and I achieved a thrilling result: my first semester on Columbia University’s Dean List, a position of great academic prestige. At the start of September I will enter my senior year at Columbia and I hope to replicate the impressive results of my past years. A daunting new task looms on the horizon— Graduate School— but I know that I will be able to tackle it successfully with the support of my family, my friends, the 100 Year Association, and greater community. Each scholarship distributed allows its recipient to propel him or herself to new heights and there are few feelings greater than that. To everyone at the 100 Year Association: Thanks again for your generous and life-changing support!”

-Patrick  Galarza 
Columbia University ’14
College Scholar Award

“With my family’s middle income background and the increasing cost of education, paying for college is a tall order.  As a freshman in college, the Hundred Year Association scholarship will help me alleviate some of the financial burden from my parents.  It will also allow me to spend money on other special opportunities, like studying abroad, hopefully, at Oxford.  Because I hope to one day pursue a career as a public defender, this scholarship will also allow my family to put away additional resources for law school.  Overall, this unique scholarship will give me the peace of mind financially and allow me to focus more on my studies and my future career as a lawyer.  I am so honored to receive this scholarship.  Thank you so much to the Hundred Years Association for providing their generous support!”

Aglaia Ho
Williams College ’17
College Scholar Award

“I am so honored to be able to receive the award. It’s great to be able to go back to school and focus on internships that I want to take on or make travel abroad plans and not worry as much about finances. The scholarship will certainly help provide financial security so I can do what I want to in school and pursue all the opportunities available to me.”

Anika Rastgir
Emory University ’16
College Scholar Award







Carolyn Nitowitz
NYC Police Department
Public Service Award 

“As graduation approaches, I grow more and more excited about my future.  I am currently a finalist for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Spain and I was also accepted into the 2013 Teach for America Boston Corps.  Whether September finds me in Madrid or Boston, I know I will be waking up every morning to a life that is meaningful beyond anything I ever imagined.  I am so happy and fortunate to be the recipient of a College Scholar Award because it has provided me with the financial support to pursue whichever direction my life takes next … and I can’t wait to find out!”

Desirée Daring
Williams College 12′
College Scholar Award


Hannah Tobias
Vassar College 16′
College Scholar Award


“On the surface, my scholarships have allowed me to pay for the necessities of college, such as textbooks and lab fees, and have also allowed me to shoulder some of my tuition bill for my parents. But on a deeper level, I would say that they’ve been helping me grow as person by allowing me to take more financial responsibility for my own learning than I could have had I not won them. To me, that personal growth is the greatest thing my scholarships have allowed me to accomplish. And by having less to worry about when it comes to the cost of my college education, I’ve been able to focus my attention on my studies, my personal passions, and opportunities for volunteer work.”
-Bryant Ly
University of Southern California 15′
College Scholar Award


“The scholarship that I have received from the Hundred Year association has afforded me the opportunity to pay off some of my student loans. This is a huge deal because, as most, I am not looking forward to leaving college in debt. It has helped me get one step closer to receiving a dual undergraduate degree in possibly economics and international relations in the hopes of going on to graduate school to receive my masters. I am very grateful for my award.”
-Carla Macias
University of Rochester 16′
College Scholar Award


Isaac Liberman Public Service Awards

The Chief-Civil Service Leader
John Gallin & Son
General Hardware (General Tools)
James Thompson & Company
Hagedorn & Company
Alexander Wolf & Son
Henry W.T. Mali & Company
Collegiate Church Corporation

E.Virgil Conway College Scholarship Awards

Elaine Wingate Conway College Scholar
The Bank of New York Mellon
Guardian Life
Tiger Baron Foundation
Brooklyn Bar
EJ Electric
Leys, Christie & Co. Inc.
STV Group
Modell Financial
Geneva Worldwide
Ralph K. Smith – Sponsored by 100 Year Assn.