Sportsmen For Charity, Inc. donates over $10,000 to The Hundred Year Association to continue their educational programs.

Sportsmen For Charity, Inc. hosted a sporting clay event held on March 30, 2012 in efforts to support The Hundred Year Association’s on going philanthropic, cultural and educational programs. The successful event raised over $10,000 and brought together a host of business professionals from various industries.

The Hundred Year Association would like to thank the Sportsmen For Charity, Inc. for their  support at this year’s event!

Sportsmen for Charity (SFC)  was founded in 2002 by five members of the New York area real estate and construction industry for the simple purpose of promoting the shooting sports. developing camaraderie among members of the industry and, giving back to society by contributing to charity. SFC continues to grow this fund raising effort each year by providing participants a day of experiencing the natural beauty of the great outdoors and and a little friendly competition.