Modell’s is getting BETTER

A categorical soccer shop in a Better Modell’s store.

The Modell family of Modell’s Sporting Goods has learned one thing is for certain in their 120 year history: always listen to the customers.  This is especially true in tough economics times, when you’re not only battling your competition, but also your customers’ disposal income (or lack of it).

So in March 2010, the sporting goods chain officially launched their new “BETTER” initiative, an effort to improve the in-store shopping experience by listening to — and responding to – customer feedback.

“Less Clutter.” “Wider aisles.” “Better selection!” “More sporting goods.” “Make it  easier to find what we’re looking for.” “We need GREAT prices.”

These were the comments the store took to heart.

By the end of February, Modell’s had – as they put it – “BETTERED” 112 of their 145 stores with the goal of having every store completed by August 15.

To kick off the campaign, on March 6, 7, and 8th they hosted a Modell’s “Community Weekend,” called, BetterTogether.  During the weekend, customers received 10% off of their total purchase.  In addition, Modell’s donated an additional 10% to the customer’s choice of a local youth sports program.  When all was said and done, Modell’s beat their goal of raising half a million dollars for the communities they serve — by the time the 3-day weekend was over they raised over $610,000!

“Modell’s has been in business for over 120 years,” said Mitchell Modell, CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods and the great grandson of the company’s founder, Morris Modell.  “We’ve learned that, above anything else, we must listen to what our customers are telling us.  We heard from our customers that things needed to be fixed, ranging from a reduction of clutter and easier navigation throughout the store to an improvement in merchandise offerings, including more sporting goods.  That’s what we are doing.”

“We used Community Weekend as the first platform to tell our communities exactly what we have been working on for them and we decided to share that excitement and buzz with the local youth sports programs.  We were absolutely amazed at the turnout and the warm feeling that came with it to see members of the community rallying around a common cause and supporting local youth sports.”

Watch one store getting completely BETTER’d in one minute at Modell’s BETTER microsite.


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