In Memoriam – Jeffery P. Klein


Throughout his professional career, Jeffrey Klein was active in the leadership of the not-for-profit community in New York City. As a member of the Association’s Board of Governors, he was especially supportive of the Public Service Award program. In fact, the awards are named after “Isaac Liberman” – Mr. Klein’s grandfather who founded the Association in 1927 as the then-president of the Arnold Constable Store incorporated in Brooklyn in 1824. He served as the president of the Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation.

Mr. Klein also served as a trustee and chairman of the New York Chamber Symphony. Music Director Gerard Schwarz cited his leadership as “loyal and committed” even under circumstances of significant challenge. He was also a member of the Board of the 92nd St YM-YWHA, founded 1874, for over 25 years. He also served as president of the Board of The Collegiate School, founded 1628, and was an active member of several trustee committees of the Museum of Modern Art.