2006 Annual Association Meetings

The Association held its annual Members and Governors meetings February 22nd.  Chairman Richard A. Cook called the meeting to order and thanked Steve Amiaga, president of The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of New York (1785) for hosting.

The financial report included a fund balance of $138,193.  President Clinton W. Blume, III reported on the Excellence in Public Service Awards granted in 2005 to The New York Caledonian Club (1856), Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service (1866) and The Hospital for Joint Diseases (1905).  Also submitted and briefly reviewed was a Year in Review of 2005 Association activities which had been previously sent to the membership.

A new initiative was proposed by Executive Director Luke Vander Linden: to examine the official “Mission” of the Association and update it if need be.  Vander Linden cited the significant changes that have taken place in the city since the Association’s founding in 1927 and noted the potential to encourage all New Yorkers to go above and beyond the “call-of-duty” in serving the city like those the Association shines its spotlight on with its Public Service Awards.  A committee was formed to address the matter: Bob Judell of James Thompson & Co. (1860), Andrew Levine of Berenson & Co. (1921), Frank Modifica of Bowne & Co. (1775), Edward Prial of The Chief-Civil Service Leader (1897) and Susan Ragusa of J. Leon Lascoff & Son (1899).

The nominating committee proposed re-election of the Board of Governors’ Class of 2006 to the Class of 2009.  Also elected were Edward Prial and Andrew Levine and Mark Varian of John Gallin & Son (1886) to the Class of 2008 to replace James Prial who is no longer with The Chief-Civil Service Leader, Donna Wilson of Washington Mutual and Donald Kelly of Emigrant Savings Bank (1850) respectively.  Scott Douglas of Dancker Sellew & Douglas (1829) was elected to replace the retiring Henry C.B. Lindh in the Class of 2007.

Highlights of the Board of Governors’ meeting included the re-election of Chairman Richard A. Cook and President Clinton W. Blume, III to 2-year terms and Dan Gabel of Hagedorn & Company (1869), Ralph K. Smith, Jr. Esq. of Seamen’s Church Institute (1834) and Avery Eli Okin, Esq. CAE of Brooklyn Bar Association (1872) as Vice Presidents and Andrew Levine as Secretary-Treasurer for 1-year terms and the appointment of Luke Vander Linden as Executive Director (see article on page 2).

Avery Okin presented the report of the Awards Committee, noting the distribution of $72,000 to 40 recipients in 2005 at Police Headquarters in December, including two new awards: the Elaine Wingate Conway College Scholarship and the Ralph K. Smith Public Service Award, both for $5,000.

Finally, Mr. Blume announced two new members: The American Red Cross (1905) and The Hospital for Joint Diseases (1905).  He further encouraged all to seek out and invite other eligible companies and organizations to join the Association because our best source of new members is our current members.