Each year, the Association plans a full calendar of events to provide our members and supporters with important networking opportunities and to raise money for the Association.  Recent events have included:

The “Last Wednesdays” Networking and Lecture Series
The last Wednesday of every month the Association hosts a themed evening of networking with speakers on a wide diversity of topics from history to advertising and politics to sports.  All members, supporters, friends and employees of members are invited to attend the events as a benefit of their support and membership.  Reserve the last Wednesday of each month and contact us and ask us to add your name to our list to get invitations and event information.

Golf Outing
Usually held at an exclusive club in the New York area, the golf outing provides a laid back way to get to know fellow members and host clients.

Casino Night
This exciting theme event is an enjoyable evening for all attendees.

The Richard A. Cook Gold Medal Award Dinner
The Gold Medal has been granted every year since 1930 (except during World War II) “in recognition of outstanding contributions to the City of New York.”  This annual event is noted for its good cheer free from lengthy speeches.

In addition to these and other events held throughout the year, event planning and coordination services are available for members of The Hundred Year Association. For more information please contact the Association.